Public Schools of Edison Township

School Supervision Plan






EDISON, NJ  08820


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September 2009





By April, the Township of Edison Board of Education adopts the school calendar for the next school year and distributes it to each student to bring home.  This calendar clearly states scheduled school closings and early dismissals for the next school year.


The Township of Edison Public Schools will post the school year calendar on the district’s Website:  In addition, each residential household receives a district/township calendar of events in late August.  These calendars clearly state scheduled school closings and early dismissals.


Schools shall distribute information pertaining to student safety, including arrival and dismissal procedures to each student to bring home in the fall of every school year.  High schools shall obtain and verify with parents/guardians permission for students to be on an early release schedule.


Schools will distribute or post on the district web-site a school calendar of scheduled school closings and early dismissals.  In addition to the monthly calendar, schools will utilize Connect-Ed to send notices for scheduled half days and school closings.


The Township of Edison Public Schools has daily access to ESN network, Channel 118 on the local cable station.  All emergency information including but not limited to early dismissal, delayed openings, and school closings is posted on Channel 118.


The Township of Edison Public Schools will utilize local radio stations (NJ 101.5, WCTC 1450 AM, WNJO 94.5) to announce all emergency information including but not limited to delayed openings, school closings and early dismissals.


In the case of an emergency early dismissal or closing, the Connect Ed telephone relay system will be used to contact the parents/guardians of every student to inform them of the need for an emergency early dismissal or school closing and to make sure students will be supervised at the time of the dismissal.





The Principal and staff will adhere to the following procedures for

student arrival to the building.


1.       Two teachers are on duty at the student drop off lane while one teacher and one additional adult is on duty at the bus lane.

2.     One paraprofessional is on duty at the front door and one adult is on duty on the blacktop to supervise student lineup.  All grade 1 and 2 students proceed to the blacktop by the gym entrance for lineup.

3.     Students lineup in their designated homeroom boxes as indicated by the painted lines on the blacktop.

4.     At 8:45 the adult on blacktop duty determines when the homeroom lines will enter (between 8:45 & 8:50).

5.     Teachers are on duty inside the building at 8:45 to monitor student travel through the hallways as they enter and sit outside of their classroom doors.

6.     The individual on blacktop duty supervises outside until the door by the gym closes at 9:00.

7.     Kindergarten students lineup in the boxed areas designated with painted lines (K-1, K-2, etc) in the front of the building.

8.     A paraprofessional supervises the students during lineup and entry.

9.     At 8:55 all teachers are in their classrooms to supervise student arrival.

10.  Students arriving after 8:55 should be brought to the office by a parent/guardian.

11.   Students arriving after 8:55 are late and must be signed in at the office.




The Principal and staff will adhere to the following procedures for

student supervision in the lunch room.


1.    The first lunch begins at 12:15 for grade two and half of grade one.  The second lunch begins at 1:02 for kindergarten and the remainder of grade one.

2.    A lunch aide reports to each class to supervise recess and lunch.  The students eat in their classrooms.

3.    Travel lunch aides are assigned sections of homerooms.  They arrive at their assigned homerooms to take the students who are purchasing lunch to the lunch lines and then return the students to their classrooms.

4.    The lunch aides do not leave the classroom until the teacher returns to the classroom.

5.    In the event of lunch aide absence, an attempt is made to locate a substitute.  If a substitute is not available, a travel lunch aide might assume a classroom assignment or a class might be divided across three neighboring classrooms.





1.    Students play during recess on the blacktop and playground area.  The playground area is scheduled in order to preserve safety and limit the number of students utilizing the equipment.  All lunch aides assigned to a homeroom supervise their classes during recess.

2.    Students who fall, etc. are brought to the nurse by the lunch aide.

3.    Students line up with their aides and reenter the building at the end of recess.





The Principal and staff will adhere to the following procedures for

student dismissal from the building.


1.    Bus lineup procedures are practiced at 2:15 PM for a minimum of 3 days at the start of each school year.

2.    At the start of the school year, kindergarten students who ride a bus are picked up by a teacher and brought to their bus lines.

3.    Buses of various colors containing their numbers (e.g. MD4) are posted at various locations in the main hallways.  Bus students go to their locations and remain seated until their buses arrive.

4.    Teachers are posted in the main hallways to supervise bus students.  Bus students are called via the PA system beginning at 3:21 to line up a grade level at a time to reduce congestion.

5.    When a bus is called, the students proceed through the front door to the teacher on outside bus duty who takes the line to the bus.  The teacher waits for each child to get on the bus before loading the next bus in line.

6.    In the event of a late bus, the office contacts transportation.  The principal remains until each student has been appropriately dismissed for the day.





Walkers/Car Riders and ABC.


1.    Each grade level is announced via the PA system (e.g. kindergarten walkers are now dismissed) beginning with kindergarten then grade 1 and finally grade 2 beginning at approximately 3:25PM.

2.    ABC students in all grades are delivered to the designated locations with their teachers as they lead their walkers/car riders to the blacktop.

3.    Each homeroom teacher leads her class to the designated box on the blacktop.  The parents of those students wait in the designated parent/guardian box directly across from the students.  The teacher dismisses each child directly to the individual she recognizes as the daily pickup person.

4.    When parents/guardians are late, teachers return to the office with the student so that he/she is supervised until the parent/guardian arrives.









When driving your child to school . . . these are your lane options:



Lane 1RIGHT LANE closest to the school-

          This lane is  for BUSES ONLY!






      Lane 2- MIDDLE LANE- This lane is designated as CHILD   DROP OFF.  Once  the child leaves the car, he/she must walk to the right of the designated blue line on the pathway.  Once you drive past the crosswalk, you may exit the drop off lane.  There are orange dividers separating Lane 2 and Lane 3.





Lane 3LEFT LANE- This lane is for  PARENTS/GUARDIANS who want to   PARK their CAR and WALK their CHILD ACROSS the crosswalk to school. 





There will be a crossing guard who will assist in the

 traffic flow in the mornings.







1. Connect Ed will inform parents/guardians of any unexpected closings  and early dismissals. Information will also be available on the following radio stations:  WCTC1450AM, NJ101.5FM, WMGQ98.3 or TV channel 118. Parents/guardians can access the school’s website at or the district website at to obtain information.


     2.  Emergency card information will be used to inform a parent/guardian of illness, injury, etc.


3.  Lockdown and evacuation procedures are in place and are practiced a   minimum of two times each school year.  Procedures are posted in each



4.  Fire drills are conducted two times each month.  Procedures for safe exit are posted in each classroom.


5.  The Crisis Management Team comprised of several staff members reviews and revises emergency procedures throughout the school year as needed.





          1.  Changes in typical dismissal of a student must be in writing and forwarded to the office.


2. Only individuals listed on the student’s emergency card will be allowed to pick up a student unless parental contact is made with the office.